Started in 1998, the pigeon club has quickly grown in reputation to being one of the hippest studios in the area. Loaded with classic keyboards, guitars, and amps, it is like a candy store for musicians seeking that certain sound. You'd have a tough time not finding something you liked here.

Located in an actual pigeon racing clubhouse, the pigeon club has kept the olde-tyme vibe of the original building. The decor remains untouched and, except for the gear, it feels as if you are in someone's living room back in the 50's and 60's. Even the dust is vintage. Trophies and photos from the club's heyday are on display in the club's meeting room, still used by the hudson county pigeon club members. If you get here at the right time, you can see them playing cards, smoking cigars, and swearing like sailors!  it's almost like being at a history zoo...

The studio is located 7 short blocks from the path station (5 min. walk), and is only a block or two away from almost every convenience in town. A deli, pizzeria, dunkin' donuts(rules!), liquor store, tanning salon (for your studio tan), nail salon(who doesn't like neatly trimmed nails?), dry cleaners(you never know), and mac machine(for your bling bling) are across the street. Also, nearly every restaurant in town delivers. A couple blocks away is the guitar bar, a vintage music store full of cool guitars, keyboards, and amps. Many of which can be rented for sessions.

the bad stuff:
RATE: $65/hr, $650/day(11 hrs) includes engineer/assistant
email us for block rates and stuff.

deposit of 25% required within 1 week after time is booked in order to hold desired time.
payment in full required by the day's end of each session.

(cancellations must be made at least a week(7 days) before session date or deposit may not be refunded.)

all clients MUST supply their own external hard drives to record to and to back up their sessions each day.
studio cannot store files after session's end.
studio is not responsible for any files or data lost due to drive failure or damage due to water, extreme heat, drive failure, etc.